Our Services

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Before the Sale

“Preparation is everything.”- David Robinson, NBA Player

We’ll prepare your estate to maximize sales prior to the sale. We will sort, inventory, organize, research pricing, display/stage everything.  We’ll literally go through everything, in every room of  the estate.  It’s the only way to maximize value and revenue from the estate sale.  We’ll also begin marketing the sale and its contents.  We’ll post the sale along with pictures on various estate sale sites, and on social media sites, selling sites like Letgo, Craigslist, Next Door etc. as well as send email to our mailing list.

Then on the day of the sale we’ll blanket the area with professional way-finding signs.

Not A One Size Fits All Solution

There’s not an out of the box solution for estate liquidation sales.  Each estate has it own set of unique characteristics and challenges.  Estates come in all sizes, values and levels of organization and cleanliness. Some just have many small items or a lot of large furniture.  Regardless of the the estate make-up we can help you created a viable solution to properly liquidate your estate in a timely manner.

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Sale Days = Team Work & Execution

Sale days are just like game days.  All the presale preparation prepares us to meet opportunity (buyers).

We’ll staff the sale appropriately based on the the size and expected turnout.  We all wear uniforms so everyone knows who to go to with questions.  We have only one entry/exit point to better control who is coming and going.  We’ll set up our payment collection center at the entry/exit point. We also keep a keen lookout for shoplifters and suspicious activity. Our team is trained to actively work the sale- talk with customers, point out items they may be interested in, carry items to the holding area and more. All in an effort to maximize sales.