August 15, 2018

Recently we hired Rocket Estate Sales to help our moving sale. They did great jobs. We recommend them to you.


July 11, 2018

We bought a small home in Atlanta. Faced with the seemingly insurmountable task to downsize from a 7 bedroom to a 2 bedroom home, we were blessed to find THE BEST Estate Sales Company to help us. Rocket Estate Sales 🚀 took the worry to get items sorted, organized, SOLD $$$$$$ and donated. They helped us every step of the way. Not only were they absolutely professional and went above and beyond (the House was completely empty and picked up when they were done!!!) but they helped me calm down and feel oh so much better as I had to (or not), let go of some of our special items. You accumulate a lot after 17 years in a home! I highly recommend Liz McDermott Owens and Bob Owens, Brightwater residents and company owners. If you are downsizing or just moving and looking for help with your estate sale, you would be pressed to find better people to work with. Best call I ever made in this process!!!

Ana Schuett